What is it?

This is a recording of the Love’s Secret Domain demo tape that was sent by Coil to WaxTrax! circa 1989/90. There are an unknown number out there, however there have been 2 confirmed, one from the Coil archives that was sold by Thighpaulsandra in early 2014 on eBay and the one this recording comes from, found in a record store in Chicago in late 2013. This copy is most probably the source of the “Love’s Septic Demise” mp3 that’s been floating around the ‘net since the early 2000s.

What is the proper tracklist/running order?

1: Fidgit (Further Back And Faster demo)

2: Dark RiverĀ 
3: Window Pain
4: Teenage Lightning
5: Titan Arch
6: Scope
7: Carvers & Gilders (Chaostrophy demo)
8: Fidgit 2 (Alternate truncated FBAF)

Notes about the material:

It’s less of a proper demo and more of a medley of early versions of tracks that ended up on LSD and the Wrong Eye/Scope 7”. The songs blend into one another and occasionally bits from one will show up in the others. My best guess is that they made the tape by playing multiple dat/cassette decks through a mixer, and just kinda rode the faders to make it. The tape itself plays about a quarter speed fast (as noticeable in the Love’s Septic Demise mp3,) most likely due to the voltage difference on the machines used to record it in the UK, then playing it here in the USA. Additionally, the tape is in rough shape and the right channel disappears a few times, most notably during Carvers & Gilders and Love’s Secret Domain.
Notes about the recording:
The tape was lovingly transferred at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago, Illinois in December of 2013 by Adam Vavrick (tape owner) and Alex Inglizian (Engineer.) It was recorded direct into ProTools at 24/96 with no effects added, the only adjustment made at all was the speed of the tape deck. The FLAC & mp3 were converted from the 24/96 .wav file..