WARNING: Shameless Self Promotion / Giveaway

Hey Everyone,

For those unaware, I create music and run a very, very tiny label for said music (and the music of friends/associates). I’ve just made a Facebook page for my label, Hogtrophonic Records, and I have, what seems to me to be, an ambitious goal to reach 200 genuine “likes”. Not a crazy number, but still a challenge for an independent nobody struggling to be seen/heard/found.

So, I’m asking all of my followers to take maybe 5 minutes of their time, check out the Hogtrophonic Records Soundcloud Page for some audio samples, and if you like what you hear, please visit the Hogtrophonic Records Facebook Page and give it a “like”. If you don’t care for what you’ve heard, no hard feelings & thank you very much for your time.

At this point you’re probably wondering what’s in it for you. Besides discovering new music (the Shop at Hogtrophonic.com has music downloads available for free/pay what you want, and all tracks are streamable), if the goal of 200 likes is met I’ll pick 2 people at random to receive a “care package” which will consist of basically one of everything we still have in stock (CDs, Stickers, Buttons, Limited Edition & Signed items, T-Shirt, etc.). Basically, you’ll get something like this…

You do not have to be from the US to win one of these packages (I’ll gladly ship internationally). If new CDs/items are made before the page hits the 200 goal, those items will be included as well. Also, full disclosure, I do not have all sizes available for the T-Shirts, but I do have most. Additionally, I may include some special, exclusive item(s) as well… not sure yet.

Please feel free to reblog/repost this anywhere you may see fit to help spread the word. I need all the help I can get, and I truly appreciate anything & everything you can do to get the word out there. In fact, if this goes really well, I may choose a person at random from the notes of this post who reblogged/reposted this and send them a care package as well.

Thanks for your time, everyone! Hope you like what you hear.



We are HALL OF MIRRORS, an “electro-cello-pop” project started in a home studio outside of Boston last fall. 

We’ve just released our first EP, titled ‘begin,’ on Bandcamp. The whole thing is free. Check it out. <3



Just picked up the EP CD based solely on this one track (well, and they’re fellow Boston musicians). Give it a listen.