Drew McDowall live at the Goethe-Institut, Boston MA, Wednesday April 9th 2014.

Recorded using an iPhone in my shirt pocket. There were so many people in front of me, there was no way I’d get any usable video, so I opted to just try to get as much audio as I could. The image was taken just before the music started and the crowd closed in. This is missing about 1 minute at the beginning and possibly 2 or 3 at the end (I think… the phone just stopped recording). I added a fade in and a fade out, but otherwise the audio is untouched.



4/10: NYC - Irving Plaza (Cut Hands + Pharmakon)

4/11: Philadelphia - Theatre of Living Arts (Cut Hands + Pharmakon)

4/13: Boston - Royale Boston (Cut Hands + Pharmakon)

4/15: Chicago - Metro  (Cut Hands + Czar)

4/17: Seattle - Neumos (Cut Hands + House of Low Culture + La Fin Absolute Du Monde)

4/18: Portland - Hawthorne Theatre (Cut Hands + House of Low Culture + La Fin Absolute Du Monde)

4/20: San Francisco - DNA Lounge (Cut Hands + House of Low Culture)

4/22: LA - The Fonda Theatre (Cut Hands + House of Low Culture + La Fin Absolute Du Monde)

4/24: Austin - The Mohawk (Regis)

4/25: Miami - Churchills Pub (Regis + Laundry Room Squelchers + Holly Hunt)

The GODFLESH U.S. tour begins tonight! Warm-ups have been updated!

See you Sunday!



Gary Numan
Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA
March 24, 2014

My crappy vids of The Fall and Cars.

Best part of the night? My friend and I arranged to meet at Burger Fi near the venue. She sends me a text: “I’m inside. Sitting next to Gary Numan.” Ha-ha. Sure. I walk in and she’s at a table all alone. I’m ready to say “So where’s Gary Numan, huh?!” when I see him from the corner of my eye at the next table directly near us. That inner struggle of wanting to say something vs. giving him space and respect! Good show though. And good burgers! :)

I would have done the same thing. It would have killed me, but I would have just stayed back and gave him space.