PROTECTION’s debut EP available on limited edition 10” vinyl from FORMLESSNESS PRESS.

Protection is an experimental synth-pop duo featuring Daniel McKernan & Sam Houston, recorded in New York and New Orleans. This debut EP features Little Annie (Coil, Current 93, Swans) on vocals for the track “Jack/Rabbit,” which is also included remixed by Bruno Coviello. It is limited to 250 copies (with digital downloads available) and is shipping now from the new label, Formlessness Press.

While supplies last at: http://formlessnesspress.com

Prayer (Intro)
Popcycles In Bloom
Jack/Rabbit **
I Worry If You’re Warm
Before I Was A Man
Jack/Rabbit (Stereo Bass Relief Mix) **

[** Featuring Little Annie on vocals]

All tracks written and recorded by Daniel McKernan & Sam Houston in New York & New Orleans, 2011-2013. Mixed and mastered by Bruno Coviello (formerly of Light Asylum). “I Worry If You’re Warm” also features Christiana Key (Zola Jesus, Cult of Youth, Delphic Oracle) on violin.

Official site for the full 10” vinyl EP is here: http://formlessnesspress.com
Shipping now - August 2014.

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